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PCs for People's Third Party Refurbsihers (TPR) program enables PC refurbishers to purchase low-cost genuine Microsoft software for preinstallation on newly refurbished PCs. Enter your email to begin the registration process.


Quick Reference

As a Third Party Refurbisher you agree to:
  • Only install licenses on Eligible Devices - (1) same motherboard as distributed with the original Windows license (2) been in distribution or used by an end-user for at least six months (3) has had an approve Microsoft product previously installed (4) meets or exceeds the Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Produce a Refurbished Product - work is done in a documented professional manner where you (1) Test, repair, and replace parts (2) Sanitize data in accordance with NIST 800-88, and (3) Clean the inside and outside of the computer
  • Avoid Unauthorized Disposition of COAs - Do not distribute COAs/product keys to another refurbisher, reseller or end customer – unless they are attached to an eligible device. Immediately notify PCs for People of any Unauthorized Disposition including loss or theft.
  • Use PCs for People's Windows Activation Tool - Used for automated Microsoft reporting and compliance. This eliminates the need for manual monthly reporting. TPR accepts liability in assuring the tool is used.
  • COA Licenses - place physical licenses on the bottom of a Customer System (laptops) or anywhere but the front of the system (desktops)
  • Remove Previously affixed COAs - remove or mark through any previously affixed COAs (keep old serial readable) to ensure old product key isn’t used in an attempt to activate the device.
  • Microsoft EULA - End-user must agree to the Microsoft EULA "License Terms". This includes the initial install and on any recovery solution.
  • No Recovery Media - no recovery media (CDs, DVDs, USBs etc) will be provided to end-users. A hard disk-based recovery solution of the same version as the installed Product (including required updates) is allowed.
  • Office 2019 Home and Student Citizenship is ONLY available for individuals that are part of a Technology Access Program (TAP). Nonprofits, schools, and students not part of a TAP do not qualify.
  • Produce auditable documentation for eligible recipients of Citizenship License - "Eligible Recipients" which means (1) an Eligible Charitable Organization, (2) an Eligible Academic User, or (3) a Specially Approved Recipient/Technology Access Program (TAP)

AT 1836 Citizenship Product - Definitions

“Eligible Academic Users” means educational institutions that are:

  1. Accredited academic institutions; or
  2. Vocational institutions;
  3. Preschools that provide educational services to children, serve at least ten children, and have been in operation for at least one year.

“Eligible Charitable Organization” means an organization that is eligible for the Microsoft Product Donation program. See Microsoft Who's Eligible. MS may make these requirements available in another place or different form. The requirements are subject to change from time to time at MS discretion.

“Specially Approved Recipient” include the following:

  1. A teaching hospital or medical training school;
  2. A public research establishment fully funded by government on a local, national or European level;
  3. A national or regional governmental initiative, or such other initiative, as approved in writing by MS; or
  4. Public libraries that provide their services to all residents of a given community without charge. Some charges may apply for users outside a designated region or for other services

“Technology Access Program” or “TAP” is a documented program that distributes Customer Systems to Qualified Individuals. It is run by one of the following:

  1. Eligible Charitable Organization,
  2. Eligible Academic User,
  3. National, state/provincial or local government agency;
  4. International governmental organization.

Qualified Individual means a person

  1. In a community with limited access to technology;
  2. With a disability or
  3. A member of a low-income family.

Examples of ways to identify low-income include those

Windows 10 Pro - Citizenship

Citizenship Licenses are available to select groups of customers including educational institutions, non-profit organizations, low-income customers and other Microsoft approved customers.

Office 2019 Home and Student

This on machine installed version of Office 2019 is eleigible to be distribtued to end users that are part of a Technology Access Program (TAP).

Windows 10 Home - Commercial

Which license a refurbisher will use is determined by who eventually receives the refurbished PC. Commercial Licenses are available for all of RRP refurbishers' customers. PCs must be 6-months old and have valid Windows Certificate of Authenticity.

Windows 10 Pro - Commercial

Which license a refurbisher will use is determined by who eventually receives the refurbished PC. Commercial Licenses are available for all of RRP refurbishers' customers. PCs must be 6-months old and have valid Windows Certificate of Authenticity.

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Since 1998, PCs for People has been a driving force behind digital inclusion efforts across the US. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our mission is to offer affordable technology to provide a bridge across the digital divide that offers employment and educational opportunities to low-income individuals and non-profits.

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